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See our Projects, many of which are ongoing:


Project Outreach

Help support an evangelist to graduate from Bible College by donating £10 a month. Your donation will be used to pay college fees, accommodation and living expenses of a student.


Project Life

Beauty from Brokenness is supplying water tanks to aid irrigation for crops. Providing fresh drinking water to a pre-school in Mpumalanga. Water borne diseases are prevalent in African townships, when fresh water is not available for drinking and cooking disease quickly follows.


Project Kudla

The regular supply of vegetable plants, water, and all necessary supplies to facilitate and maintain farms in Emjindini, Mputalunga. Distribution of food packages to pre-school children in the region of Mpumalanga. £10 per month will ensure that farms are maintained and impoverished families will receive regular food packages.


Project Indlu


Providing a safe environment for orphans and traumatised children in conjunction with a local pastor and his wife. £10 per month will contribute to the costs of building a new orphanage.



Project Bafazi

Supplying hygiene packs to adolescent girls to ensure regular attendance at school. The supply of maternity packs for new mothers to include sanitary packs and short-term multivitamin supply to boost energy levels – together with bedding and toiletries for the new baby. £10 per month will provide a maternity pacfor pregnant mothers.


Project Sunrise

Supplying multi-vitamins to boost immune systems of malnourished pre-school children in Emjindini township, Mpumalunga. All the children live in socially impoverished conditions. £5 per month will help maintain a balanced diet for 20 pre-school children.


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